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After encountered with so many mothers, this time, I became one...

Date: December 01,2018   Read: 

There's no better place to have a baby than home.
It's more steady, more comfortable, more secure.
"Thanks for everyone's congratulation, thank the director Wang, director Ye and fellow doctors, delivery head nurse, anesthetist, thank you for the accompany along with me,and continuously encourage and care me, thank our dean and director Chen for theri concern and care, thank the ward nurses, special thanks to obstetrics department directors and my friends for taking good care of me, thank you for your concern, thank Wuhan Baijia!"
                  -- from the obstetrics department                                                           assistant physician Wan Yuanxin
At 9:03 on November 27, Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital staff, assistant physician Wan Yuanxin gave birth to a beautiful boy in the delivery room of our hospital. The baby weighs six pounds and a half, the mother and child are both safe.
Here's what she says about choosing to have a baby "at Baijia, her home"...
Why choose Wuhan Baijia?
Actually, Baijia is another home for me. Every colleague here is like a family member to me. Especially after pregnancy, every colleague tried to take care of me. And they often came over to comfort me: "Is this your first baby? When is the due date? The baby's cart is my gift to you... "Every time that happen, my heart is very warm...
I have been working in Baijia for more than 2 years, and I am the one who knows the situation inside the hospital and medical technology most clearly. I choose Wuhan Baijia, which is not only familiar with and convenient, but also safety and technically excellency. I've been helping other pregnant mothers all my life, and this time I'm really using what I've learned in clinical practice. It's a little strange to switch from being a medical help to being a mother.
How does the pregnancy go?
In fact, I had a very happy pregnancy. In addition to a group of colleagues with family, I also had a group of lovely pregnant mothers. I began to rest at the beginning of this month, at that time my belly is very big, a lot of pregnant mother asked me: "why don't you go home to rest?" I always answer them like this: "because here, I can see many pregnant mothers give birth smoothly, see everyone with a happy smile, I will follow the happiness. It was these lovely people who accompanied me through the ten month pregnancy.
Because this is my first baby, I also pay special attention to myself. I took part in the good mother course, pregnancy exercises, birth dance experience camp, I will follow the study, practice, these knowledge can make my pregnancy life full-filling. It is good for my body and the baby.
Did the delivery go well?
Very well! I have seen too many mothers gave birth to babies before. At those time I am always so frightened, but at the day of my delivery, I don't fear it at all. May be because of the people in the room with me are my most familiar person. I have faith in them, and they encourage me. So I was very calm.
I had contractions at 8 am, and in order to have a more comfortable delivery, I chose the characteristic delivery mode of our hospital -- painless delivery, because the "painless delivery" technology of our hospital can be said to be very mature. To tell you the truth, the first period of contractions was very painful. After the painless treatment, my pain actually decreased a lot. Except for the pain after that, the whole process was very comfortable and relaxed.
The moment of "Unload" my whole body relaxed. When I see my baby, I can't help but starting to cry...

Do you receive many blessings?
Obstetrics outpatient department sent me a fruit basket at the first time, and every department sent me a blessing, the most flattering thing is that the hospital leaders came to visit me, it is really a surprise and touching moment...
Our hospital dean Dr.Xiang visited the pregnant mother.
Hello, Baijia baby
Do you know how attractive you are?
Here we have love, home and Baijia
Wuhan Baijia delivery room
Every day there are stories...
Welcome families.

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