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[Quick recap] Baijia 'Birth dancing camp' ended perfectly.

Date: November 02,2018   Read: 
[Quick recap] Baijia 'Birth dancing camp' ended perfectly.

       Wuhan Baijia 'Birth Dancing Camp'. In the original choice of comfortable childbirth, the introduction of a new gentle delivery method, with the "Dance of Life" to wake up mothers instinct to open maternal energy.
  Birth dance is a fashionable and healthy pregnancy exercise. Based on the birth belly dance that is suitable for the daily practice of mothers, the combination of the dancing pregnancy yoga stretching exercise will combine the beauty of dance with the sports science.
During practice, by dancing, music, breathing, etc., the baby's mother can enter a healthy body state and good energy state, and return to the body's instinct, which can help to open the pelvis when giving birth and help the baby to rotate and descend.

On October 28, 2018, the Baijia "Birth Dance Experience Camp" held by Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital was successfully concluded, with the event site bursting with popularity, and the Mothers experienced the charm of birth dance accompanied by their families.
1. Dance of life--New and happy pregnancy exercise.
There are many ways to help mothers to give birth comfortably, and the birth dance is a kind of interesting and gentle sport that does not require any dance experience. Everyone can practice and enjoy it. As a new form of pregnancy exercise, birth dance is a dance class exclusively for mothers. In simple dance movements, correct the baby's hip or back position by body swing. By dancing, the baby can be born more safely and smoothly, and the confidence of the mother during childbirth can be increased.
  2. 'Most beautiful midwife' come to Birth Dance Camp.
In particular, Huang Siming, who has rich experience in midwifery, will be invited to the site of "the most beautiful midwifery in Guangdong province" (Midwife of Guangzhou Elizabeth Maternity Hospital of Baijia Maternity medical professional chain organization) in 2018, to guide the "happy" scientific "pregnancy".



  3. The star delivery service team appeared and professor Qiao Fuyuan answered questions in real time.
Today, a multi-disciplinary team of experts and star service team from obstetrics and gynecology department, anesthesiology department, midwife, neonatology department and nursing department of Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital were present at the site to share comfortable delivery skills with the mothers and answer questions during pregnancy.

  What's more, this activity also invited professor Qiao Fuyuan, the director of the department of obstetrics at Tongji Hospital. Professor Qiao exclusively Shared the secret of pregnancy and gave an on-the-spot answer to all kinds of difficult questions.
 4. Comfortable childbirth, professional explanation -- enjoy the beautiful process of childbirth.
Event set the water delivery, epidural, guide music to accompany delivery, free position comfortable birth experience area such as labor, awareness, labor, and guided by professionals, senior midwife also share the comfortable delivery case, guide mothers to choose the most appropriate green childbirth, let mothers feel delivery can also be very "comfortable".

 5. Many gifts are waiting for you---- You will be surprised by what you can get.
A rich companion gift pack, a luxury raffle bag, and more Easter egg surprises. Many gifts were also brought home by mothers.
"Pregnancy" movement, so that you can have a better pregnancy, hold the pulse of life, pass the maternal love energy. This "birth dance experience camp" has come to a full stop. Thank you for your coming. We sincerely look forward to your next appointment!




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