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Scientifically Nursing, parents, it’s time to get this September Lecture Schedule.

Date: September 06,2018   Read: 
Scientifically Nursing, parents, it’s time to get this September Lecture Schedule.
Lecture Schedule Lecture Name Lecture expert
1st of September(Saturday) Scientifically Nursing(Part 2) Customer Service Director
Li Chen
5th of September Calmly identify and treat neonatal colic Head nurse in Pediatrics
Yu-Ying Xiao
8th of September Reveal the secrets of painless childbirth Dean of Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital
Qiang Xiang
15th of September Pregnancy yoga, meeting the beauty Senior yoga teacher
Qian Li
22nd of September Pregnancy health lecture Expert of Tongji Hospital
Wan-Jiang Zeng
26th of September Practice lecture: Lamaze Breathing pain reduce method
, breath away the pain.
Head nurse of Delivery Room
Jun-Xi Li
30th of September Pregnancy health lecture Expert of Obstetrics Department of Tongji Hospital
Fu-Yuan Qiao

(If there’s any change, please refer to the time of day)
Lecture introduction
Scientifically Nursing(Part 2)
1st of September(Saturday)10:00-11:00 am
Nursing is an important time period to assist mothers to get through difficulties smoothly in both psychology and physiology of pregnancy. It’s also a good time to improve your health through life. Then how to arrange a Scientifically Nursing? Customer Service Director Li Chen will teach you exactly how and avoid the mistakes in Scientifically Nursing easily.

Calmly identify and treat neonatal colic
5th of September(Wednesday)10:00-11:00 am
Due to the underdevelopment of baby’s body, baby can easily get sick, and neonatal colic is a very common neonatal disease. So what do we do when baby has neonatal colic? Head nurse in Pediatrics Yu-Ying Xiao will help parents to identify and treat neonatal colic to safely guard baby’s little tummy.

Reveal the secrets of painless childbirth
8th of September(Saturday)10:00-11:00 am
Painless childbirth is also called labor analgesia. Its purpose is to effectively relieve the pain. So what’s the advantage of painless childbirth? Which kind of painless childbirth is suitable for mothers? Golden medal lecturer Qiang Xiang will uncover the mysterious mask of painless childbirth.

Pregnancy yoga, meeting the beauty
15th of September(Saturday)10:00-11:00 am
From the early stage of pregnancy to the middle and the end of it, necessary yoga practice can keep mothers’ body in a good shape. It’s also very good for baby in the uterus. Do you want to master the right yoga posture? Senior yoga teacher Qian Li will teach you hand by hand.

Pregnancy health lecture
22nd of September(Saturday)15:00-16:00 pm
First time to be a mother can always catch you off guard. Regular prenatal check is the most important thing in the entire pregnancy. Baijia invites senior gynecologist to Interpret and analysis for you. Solve your problems face to face. Hurry up, bring your little note book and come to this informative lecture.

Practice lecture
Lamaze Breathing pain reduce method, breathe the pain away.
26th of September(Wednesday)10:00-11:00 am
Lamaze Breathing delivery method can effectively concentrate pregnant woman’s attention on controlling her breathing. Through this she can transfer the pain, and remain calm during the process of labor pain and delivery. This also can accelerate the delivery process and let the baby  born smoothly. How to learn this labor pain reducing method? Is there any techniques of controlling breathing? Let Head nurse of Delivery Room Jun-Xi Li guide you to make delivery easier.

Pregnancy health lecture
30th of September(Sunday)15:00-16:00 pm
Pregnant mothers’ biggest wish is that baby will born well and smoothly. But during the pregnancy, except protecting themselves and creating a safe and comfortable environment for babies, mothers also need to spend a lot of effort to do some homework to make sure babies to born smoothly. Obstetric experts of Tongji Hospital is here once again to help you and your baby safely through pregnancy.

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