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A truth about calcium suppliment. Is calcium, so important for pregnant women

Date: August 24,2018   Read: 
Calcium is a key building block of strong bones in the body. It’s essential for bone production, teeth, muscles, and heart. But according to statistics, approximately 68% of women are calcium deficient. The human body is capable of doing amazing things. The whole miracle of life and the fact that your pregnant body can provide all the necessary nutrients baby needs even when you don’t get the recommended intake of vitamins or are too nauseous to eat well during pregnancy. But this, of course, has consequences for the expectant mom who needs to take care of herself to be able to handle the wide array of physical changes and symptoms that arise during pregnancy. Not only does she need stamina and energy to get through the day to support a growing baby inside her, but she also needs a variety of vitamins and minerals to support her own body’s needs. One of these essential minerals is calcium.

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