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24 Hrs Hospital
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Équipe médicale
  • Wan-Jiang Zeng Expert in perinatal medicine, prenatal diagnosis, intensive and emergency Ob/gyn rescue 134
  • Fu-Yuan Qiao Expert in dealing with all kinds of difficult and complicated diseases in Ob/gyn, especially in the treatment... 81
  • Liang-Zhen Wen Dr. Wen has engaged in clinical area of Ob/gyn for more than 50 years, she is skilled in solving miscellaneous difficult Ob/gyn diseases 118
  • Xin-Min Ye Dr. Ye has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and complicate gynecological diseases 180
  • Xian-Mei Xie Dr. Xie is expert in a variety of high-risk pregnancy, prenatal screening 91
  • La-Xiang Chen Dr. Chen is skilled and has unique ideas in handling common and frequently occurring diseases 196
  • Li-Ping Wang killed in diagnosis and treatment of various infertility, especially in ovulation disorders 120
  • Yu-Ying Xiao She is capable of dealing with the critically illness of newborn baby, such as neonatal respiratory distress 115
  • Jian-Hong Ye Dr.Ye is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of common and frequent pediatric diseases 84
  • Jing Huang Dr.Huang has rich clinical experiences in children's health care, the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric common and frequent diseases 108
  • Hong Li Skilled in maternity care, breast feeding education, midwifery technology... 155
  • Jun-Xi Li Skilled in nursing complicated diseases in Obstetrics such as premature rupture of membranes 78
En tant que premier hôpital accrédité par JCI à Wuhan et organisation de soins de santé haut de gamme, la Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital s'est engagée dans son modèle innovant 3H-Service consistant à intégrer des soins médicaux hospitaliers de qualité, un service d'étoile de style hôtelier et un service chaleureux à domicile.

Affiliés au Shanghai International Group, nous réunissons des experts afin de fournir des soins médicaux de standard international ... [+more]
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